6.jpgLive Bottom Trailers

Live Bottom Trailers provide a safe alternative to tippers, virtually eliminating the chance of a tip-over.   The versatility of the trailer allows owners to discharge on uneven ground, unload indoors, work under low structures and overhead power lines, stockpile, spread, shoulder and haul a variety of product.  

Trout River Live Bottom Trailers are available in 33’ and 31’ Tri-Axle Semis and 28’ and 26’ Tandem Axle Semis. 

Custom sizes are also available. 

NEW - Lightweight Style

Lightweight Tandem 5.2 Tonne Tare as seen at the 2015 Penrith Working Truck Show held at the Museum of Fire.

 Peterbilt and Lightweight.JPG

Penrith Truck Show.JPG                 Penrith Truck Show side.jpg